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Oh hi. My name is Chris Trong Luu
20 / Vietnamese & Chinese /
CSU Northridge
Likes: Cars / Food / Pandas / Boys / Girls / Tattoos.
Enter my mind as it manifests into words before your very eyes.

My thoughts

Anonymous asked: Wait you're going to Hawaii?


Anonymous asked: You have all summer to bulk. Will 1 month be enough? For Hawaii?

No. I’m just gunna go to hawaii unsatisfied with my body until next year

125 now. I hav a month left to bulk up some more. Let’s do this!

Anonymous asked: Where do you meet guys? And what do you think is the best way to meet guys?

I meet guys on League of Legends

Anonymous asked: Are you going to hang out with @juslau when you visit Hawaii? I'm sure he'd like that!

Um well I don’t really know him. So no.


can i get a framed picture of this in my room