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Oh hi. My name is Chris Trong Luu

21 / Vietnamese & Chinese /
CSU Northridge

Likes: Cars / Food / Pandas / Boys / Girls / Tattoos.

Enter my mind as it manifests into words before your very eyes.

My thoughts

Exhausted from the day’s adventures and activities, we lie down on the couch cuddling as we turn on a movie. With my arms wrapped around him and his head on my chest, I can tell that he’s watching the movie intently. He did not even noticed me gazing down at him and my heartbeat racing just because I am in his presence.

As the movie progresses in the background, my fingers lingers from his shoulder down to the length of his arm in repetition. The feeling of comfort and peace overcomes him. As his eyes starts to get heavy and his breath deepens, he let down his guards. This brief moment when I can make a strong and powerful man be at ease and put down all those walls he built up throughout his life is pleasing to me. 

I stare down at this most beautiful creature I can call my own, I am filled with overwhelming bliss. I selfishly start to think that he’s all mine and I do not want to share him with anyone. I want to be the only person he has in his heart and I want to be the only person who can love him like this. My love and lust for him starts to grow…

NSFW part

We lie there with me holding him as the movie approaches the end. One of the male protagonist said to the other male protagonist “I can’t be your boyfriend but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.” People have different reality assumptions when it comes down to love. I believe that if I love someone I would do anything to be with that person regardless of the consequences. But that’s just me. At this moment, lying here with this man who understands me and accepts me even with my flaws. I know this is love.

6:00pm, 28th February 2013
tags:    #free write #no edit #twilight shit #made this shit up #not real #creative writing class
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